The International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn (also referred to hereinafter as the “Competition”) is being organized by Deutsche Telekom AG (also referred to hereinafter as “DTAG”), on behalf of Internationale Beethovenfeste Bonn gGmbH (also referred to hereinafter as “IBFB”) which has commissioned it to hold the Competition. The contracting party to the participants (referred to hereinafter as “Participant” or “Participants") is DTAG. The IBFB is the point of contact for all questions related to the Competition.

Eligibility for participation

Entry to the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2023 is open to pianists from all nations, as well as stateless persons, who have reached the legal age of maturity under their respective domestic laws and who have not yet reached the age of 33. For citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, participation is possible for pianists born between December 09, 1990 (corresponding to their 32nd birthday) and December 1, 2005 (corresponding to their 18th birthday). Students of judging panel members (at the time of application, referring to regular instruction over a period of at least one year in the last three years before the Competition) are not eligible to participate. In addition, prior prize winners of the International Telekom Beethoven Competition 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 or 2021 (1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize) are not eligible to participate again.
A selection committee will choose 28 Participants from all the completed registration forms received; they will be invited to the first round in Bonn.

Application documents

  • completed application form in German or English
  • passport scan
  • short biography of c. 150 words (written out, no cv)
  • up to date digital color portrait photo
  • Video of repertoire (see also requirements under repertoire, audio-only recordings not accepted, the recording may not be edited and may not be cut during the piece), provision via YouTube (youtube.com) as explained in the application form.
  • Copy of transfer document as proof of payment of application fee of €50


All the required application documents and information must be submitted online between September 1, 2022 and May 19, 2023, under the menu item Application.

The registration fee must be paid with the option “spesenfrei für den Empfänger” (Free of charge for the recipient), note to payee “Beethoven Competition Bonn 2023” and the name of the Participant, to the following account:

Recipient : Int. Beethovenfeste Bonn
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
Bank code: 370 501 98
Account number: 25 635
IBAN: DE97 3705 0198 0000 0256 35

International Telekom Beethoven Competition
c/o Beethovenfeste Bonn gGmbH
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn

Alternatively, a payment via PayPal can be sent to the mail address gassmann@beethovenfest.de with the indication "Beethoven Competition 2023" as well as the name of the participant. For the payment via PayPal the function "goods or service" must not be used.

Your registration will be confirmed in writing as soon as we have received all the documents and the registration fee. Incomplete application documents and incorrect data may result in the applicant not being admitted to the Competition. All documents will be treated confidentially.

Qualification round

Candidates will submit a personally played recording together with their registration. The program can be found in the repertoire list under “First round”.

A Selection Committee will decide who will be admitted to the Competition. Up to 28 Participants will be chosen. If all the terms of participation are met, the choice will be made on the basis of the recordings. The candidates will be notified of the decision in writing by June 19, 2023. No explanations will be given.

Main round

The winners will be selected in four competitive sessions, the main round, provisionally scheduled from December 1-9, 2023. Arrival will be two days before on November 29, 2023. Either DTAG or IBFB are entitled to change these dates. The Participants undertake to keep themselves free of any clashing obligations for the duration of the main round. If a contestant wishes to withdraw, he/she must notify the organizer in writing immediately. A medical certificate should be presented in case of illness.

The running order will be decided by drawing lots during a reception hosted for the Participants, provisionally scheduled for November 29 (day of arrival); this order will then be maintained for the duration of the Competition.

The repertoire and the terms and conditions laid down for the Competition program shall be binding. The jury reserves the right to interrupt a performance if the contestant overruns. With the exception of the interpretation of a contemporary work composed after 1980, the solo repertoire is to be performed from memory in all rounds of the Competition. The Participants will have an opportunity to practice and warm up at the place of performance.

All jury rules and regulations can be found in the jury manual (pdf, 255.1 KB). It will adhere to the principles of a fair music competition. During the first and second rounds of voting, one Participant will be determined through an internet vote in combination with the live broadcast of the Competition rounds. Participants must refrain from any contact with jury members during the Competition.

Travel and Accommodation

The provisionally scheduled arrival date is Wednesday, November 29, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., subject to change by DTAG or IBFB. Participants should register personally at the Competition office and present a valid photo ID.

Participants will receive travel expense support in the amount of the costs actually incurred, upon submission of receipts, up to a maximum of:

  • € 250 for Participants from European countries
  • € 500 for Participants from countries outside Europe

All costs above this travel expense support must be borne by the respective Participants. Please note that event organizer will only accept original documents (no photocopies) for the reimbursement of travel costs. Participants will be reimbursed exclusively for the shortest route between their place of residence or abode and the venue of the Competition.

Successful applicants from abroad may use the written confirmation of participation to apply for their entry visa, if they require one. Costs of visas or other travel-related expenses must be borne by the respective Participants.
All selected Participants will be granted free accommodations for the period of the Competition. The accommodations will be selected at the discretion of DTAG or IBFB. Participants may be placed, for example, with a guest family, in a hotel, or in an apartment. Grand pianos for practice will be provided on the premises of the Competition site, at Deutsche Telekom Headquarters. Participants who wish to stay in other accommodations than those provided by DTAG or IBFB must bear the associated costs and other expenses themselves.

Persons accompanying the Participants are not entitled to reimbursement of any travel or per diem costs. No accommodations will be arranged for persons accompanying the Participants.

Collection of data and data privacy

Only data required for the purposes of holding the Competition, organizing follow-up events with the winner, and inviting Participants to attend future rounds of the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn will be recorded, used, and stored. This data will also be deleted as soon as a participant exceeds the age limit for competing in the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn. The data will not be disclosed to third parties. You can find further information about data processing and the rights of data subjects at https://www.telekom.de/datenschutzhinweise (Allgemeiner Datenschutzhinweis der Telekom Deutschland GmbH (engl.)).

You may object to the further processing and use of your data at any time by sending an informal notification to DTAG or IBFB

Other obligations of Participant/participation in other events

By signing the registration form, the participants state that they accept the following Competition terms and conditions:

The repertoire submitted by applicants with the registration is binding. Subsequent changes will not be allowed.

The winner of the first prize commits to perform free of charge with the Beethoven Orchester Bonn during the “Beethoven Night” in Bonn in December 2023. This does not imply any right to perform at the Beethoven Night. Prizewinners also undertake to perform free of charge at a concert to be staged by Deutsche Telekom AG in 2024.
Only Steinway grand pianos will be used for the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2021.

The Participants commit to disclose existing contractual arrangements with agencies and their key contents (contract term, regional coverage, existing concert engagements in the 24 months after conclusion of the ITBCB 2023) to the event organizer, under observation of all confidentiality agreements.

The Participants commit to following all instructions from DTAG or IBFB. This applies in particular to complying with any defined hygiene concepts. DTAG or IBFB will be entitled to exclude Participants who do not follow instructions from further participation. Participants will have no legal claim in such cases.

Short-term modification of the terms of participation and the event

Through their participation, each Participant accepts that the decision as to whether the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2023 will be held is at the sole discretion of DTAG. This includes the decision as to whether the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2021 will be concluded prematurely, after submission of the Participant contributions and before execution of the main round, for one of the reasons described below.

Furthermore, DTAG may modify the terms of participation at short notice, in particular due to a force majeure event. This will be necessary in particular if official requirements are imposed by local or national authorities at the venue city, Bonn. Whether and how the event will be modified is at the discretion of DTAG.

The Participants are also aware that the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn 2023 is intended to be carried out as an in-person event, to ensure that the artistic conditions of a high-quality, international piano competition are met and that all Participants can enjoy equal Competition conditions.

Transportation to and from the event is the sole responsibility of the Participants and will take place at their own risk. This also applies to housing the Participants during the event in Bonn. Unless stated otherwise in these terms, Participants will bear all costs arising in connection with their participation themselves. Please also note that the registration fee will not be refunded in the case of non-participation or if the Competition is canceled.

Moreover, should a Participant not travel to the event (for example, because the event was canceled or the Participant cannot or chooses not to attend), the claim to the travel expense subsidy granted by DTAG will become void (see “Travel and accommodation”). Participants have no claim to refunds for transportation already booked.

Liability of DTAG or IBFB

In particular, there is a possibility of cancellation by DTAG in cases where the event cannot take place due to force majeure. A force majeure case applies if a recognized institution (such as the Robert Koch Institute) or the Federal Republic of Germany, its federal states and municipalities, and in particular public health authorities, issue a travel warning or increased risk warning for Bonn and its surroundings, or if a recognized institution classifies the region as a risk area or severely affected area, or if the authorities prohibit the event from being held due to the risk level, or if official requirements are imposed that make holding the event impossible.

Moreover, the event may be canceled if several Participants cancel or are not permitted to travel to the event, with the result that less than 50% of the Participants can attend the Competition. The decision to cancel the event is at the discretion of the organizer.

DTAG or IBFB will notify the Participants without delay if the Competition is canceled. If the event is canceled for one of the reasons above, the Participants shall have no claims against the organizer.

Should individual Participants not be able or willing to take part in the Competition and particularly the main round (for example, because the region is a risk area or if the Participant in question comes from a risk area and is not allowed to travel to the venue or is excluded from the event as a result), the Participants are obliged to notify DTAG or IBFB of this fact without delay. Once again, should this situation arise, it does not justify any claims against DTAG or IBFB.

Should a Participant be unable to depart the venue because the Bonn region has been declared a risk area in the interim or was already a risk area upon the Participant’s arrival, the Participant shall have no claim against DTAG or IBFB. Such claims may arise including, but not limited, from the extended stay in Bonn (for example, loss of wages/employment, costs of accommodations and meals in Bonn, additional costs of transportation, costs of a coronavirus test). The same applies to persons accompanying the Participant or a Participant’s legal guardian.


By their participation in the Competition, performers accept that DTAG, IBFB, and/or any third parties commissioned by them may make video and/or audio recordings and take photographs (referred to collectively as “recordings”) of the performances.

The Participant grants DTAG or IBFB the exclusive right, unlimited in time and sub-licensable to third parties, to use the recordings and/or extracts thereof in all media, in particular to reproduce and broadcast/re-broadcast the recordings, as well as to make them publicly available and play them back in public.

The above shall also include the right to broadcast/re-broadcast the recordings live and/or at a later date on TV and/or radio, and to make them publicly available on the internet and mobile portals.

It also includes the right to copy the recordings onto DVD, Blu-Ray, and/or CD and to distribute these recordings for a fee and/or free of charge. Participants will receive free copies of the DVD, Blu-Ray, and/or CD recordings for their private use (but not for publication).
For the purpose of the aforementioned use, DTAG or IBFB shall also be entitled to cut and edit the recordings, respecting the rights to privacy of the artist. These rights shall be granted free of charge as part of participation in the Competition.
Note: If there should be any doubts regarding the interpretation of the Competition terms and conditions, the German text alone shall be legally binding. DTAG or IBFB reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the schedule and the program. The decisions of the jury cannot be contested. There shall be no legal recourse.

If you have any further questions, we will be pleased to help you. Please use our Contact form.