Competition 2019

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Dear music-lovers, fellow pianists and honoured guests,

Pavel Gililov

Pavel Gililov
Photo © Barabara Frommann

In 2020 we will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Being the city where he was born, Bonn is uniquely associated with this towering genius. The Jubilee events will already begin in December 2019, and the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn will mark the festive opening.

The special repertoire of the ITBCB places Beethoven's works in a context that bridges the centuries. On the one hand, it presents him as the bearer of certain musical traditions; on the other, his innovative ideas are clearly shown to have left a deep imprint on music history and culture down to the present day.

The competition seeks to promote young professional artists and to offer them an international platform vastly expanded by live streaming all over the globe. We expect our participants to express their own visions and ideas in their performances, but without distorting the composer's thought.

The audience actively participates in the assessment by voting both in the concert hall and in the internet.

This time we will place a special emphasis on chamber music as the members of the Bonn Beethoven Trio present the Chamber Music Finale.

Our expressed goal is to discover excellent young pianists and to offer them long-term encouragement through the prize and other forms of support.

It is my personal hope that the ITBCB will have an impact on the world of music, extending from the performers to the media, and that it will enrich and deepen our understanding of Beethoven's music.

With these lines I wish to extend my warm welcome to all music-lovers and potential participants in this thrilling sound experience.

Professor Pavel Gililov
Artistic Director and Chairman of the Jury