Preface Pavel Gililov

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Dear music-lovers, fellow pianists and honoured guests,

Pavel Gililov

Pavel Gililov
Photo © Barabara Frommann
© Barabara Frommann

Dear music lovers, dear piano colleagues, honored guests,

for a long time, cultural events weren’t missed as much as in 2020, ironically Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. We were reminded how crucial art and culture are. Especially music, supporting us every day, giving us consolation in grief, and bringing us joy.

In the hope that the pandemic will soon be overcome, we are looking forward to the ITBCB 2021. For 15 years the Deutsche Telekom has now fostered talented young artists worldwide. Out of the numerous applications the best are chosen and invited to Bonn. Our goal here is not only to choose gifted pianists but above all else notable Beethoven interpreters.

The ITBCB’s special repertoire presents Beethoven’s works in an epoch-spanning context where every applicant can share his personal preferences. Hence, on the one hand, the composer is presented as a bearer of certain musical traditions, on the other hand, it is distinctly demonstrated how the innovative ideas of Beethoven have shaped the history of music and culture to this day.

The ITBCB has enjoyed great popularity with visitors from the very beginning, and our livestreaming also offers the young performers a worldwide international platform.

The participants' intensive and meticulous preparatory work is rewarded with an extensive support program in the form of non-cash and cash prizes, as well as concert engagements: the results can be seen and heard. Performances at the highest artistic level, that will be immortalized in our memories, have often been experienced in Bonn.

The knowledgeable and benevolent Bonn audience contributes with respectful listening to a creative concert atmosphere that supports and inspires young artists.

With these lines I would like to welcome all determined young pianists to this wonderful musical event.

Professor Pavel Gililov
Artistic Director and Chairman of the Jury