Participant of contest 2011

An Asian man in a black collared shirt smiles at the camera in a garden with a bust of Beethoven in the background.

Jingge Yan

The young Chinese pianist Jingge Yan is known for his intellectual profundity and expressive vitality of his piano performance. As the first prize winner of the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn in 2011, Jingge Yan has been an active soloist whose performances can be heard regularly in the major cities in Europe, Asia and America. His beautiful and philosophical interpretation of Beethovens piano works has been greatly praised world-widely. Jingge Yan is also frequently invited as guest pianist by many major international orchestras, including Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonieorchester Aachen, Musica Viva Orchestra Moscow and Orchestre de l`Opéra de Rouen.

In 2013, Jingge Yan made his debut CD with late Beethoven piano works including Diabelli Variations and Bagatelles, for which he was highly acclaimed by the international critics and press. And as a devoted pianist to Beethovens music, Jingge Yan started in 2016 recording the complete 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas in Beethoven-Haus Bonn and thus became the first Chinese pianist in the history to interpret and record all 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas.

In 2015, Jingge Yan was entitled the first Beethoven Ambassador by the city Bonn and has been since then a dedicated leading musician for the music education for the youth and artistic communication between Europe and China. In 2019, he was invited by the partner cities Bonn (Germany) and Chengdu (China) as artistic director to create an annual cultural festival Chengdu Beethoven Culture Week.

Jingge Yan holds regular teaching activities in University Mozarteum Salzburg since 2017 and acquired his professorship in 2022. He was appointed as guest professor of piano by China Southwest University in 2019. As an active piano pedagogue and jury member, Jingge Yan frequently appears in worldly renowned international music festivals and competitions for piano. He is also an active music reviewer whose articles and critics are to be found in domestic and international publications for music and art.