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Cunmo Yin

Cunmo Yin


Tomoki Kitamura


Filippo Gorini


Soo-Jung Ann

An Asian man in a black collared shirt smiles at the camera in a garden with a bust of Beethoven in the background.

Jingge Yan


Hinrich Alpers


Keiko Hattori


Henri Sigfridsson

Our eight award winners who came to Bonn for the Piano Summit 2021.

They have all left their mark on the International Telekom Beethoven Competition and emerged as celebrated prize winners. They are between 24 and 46 years old, come from China, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Finland and now perform all over the world. The "Piano Summit" gave the opportunity to hear all the prize-winners once again and to experience how they have developed. Whether as concert pianists, chamber musicians or university professors - all eight have gone their own way and have made a career for themselves since the competition. In Bonn, the place where their careers began at the Telekom Beethoven Competition, they came together again for a pianistic summit meeting. For more information on the individual prizewinners, click on the picture opposite.