International Telekom Beethoven Competition

Jury 2021

Pavel Gililov

Pavel Gililov

Dmitri Alexeev

Fumiko Eguchi

Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard

Yoheved Kaplinsky

Yoheved Kaplinsky

Hisako Kawamura

Daejin Kim

Paul Schenly

Marian Lapšanský

Ilona Schmiel

Jacques Rouvier

Henri Sigfridsson

Konstantin Scherbakov

Natalia Trull

Yaara Tal

“Our declared aim is to discover promising young, artistically excellent pianists and to foster their long-term careers through the accolades and further support provided by the Telekom Beethoven Competition.”

The jury for each competition is comprised of leading personalities from the world of classical music: Nine internationally renowned pianists and musicians appraise the performances given during the competition and select those participants deemed worthy of recognition. The decisions of jury members are based on their outstanding expertise in terms of technique, repertoire and in-depth experience as classical musicians. The members represent a wide range of backgrounds and remarkable careers, all of which contribute to the diversity of the jury.

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Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

Orchestra Finale

Mikhail Ovrutsky

Chamber Music Partner: Grigory Alumyan

Chamber Music Final: Violoncello

Mikhail Ovrutsky

Chamber Music Partner: Mikhail Ovrutsky

Chamber Music Final: Violin


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Press Archive


Press Archive

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