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The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn has two central goals: It is primarily dedicated to promoting young pianists of exceptional talent as they embark on their international careers. And, of course, the competition makes a major contribution to honoring Ludwig van Beethoven by drawing attention to his genius and perpetuating his memory in his “hometown” of Bonn. 

"We at Deutsche Telekom – through our innovative communication technologies – bring people together and enable them to share life’s experiences like no other business enterprise in Germany. Beethoven did much the same by uniting people through his music. One could say that we share the same cultural and social identity. Our technologies help people enrich their lives by overcoming barriers to shared experiences, and being a universal language understood the world over, music does very much the same in terms of culture and human understanding”,

says Timotheus Höttges, Chairman of the Organization Committee of the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn and CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG.

"The central idea of course is to encourage a new generation of pianists. Furthermore it is an incentive to take an even greater interest in Beethoven’s work",

complements Chairman and Artistic Director Prof. Pavel Gililov.

The competition is based on four rounds of auditions, plus a selection panel which is responsible for inviting 28 promising musicians to Bonn. The competition focuses on works by Beethoven from every phase of his creative life. The picture of the master’s music is rounded off with compositions by his predecessors, contemporaries and successors. Along with the compulsory pieces, candidates can each put together a free program to show the jury their individual artistic potential.

Apart from its artistic aspiration the competition attaches great importance to a personal atmosphere. The participants are accommodated in host families. There they have the opportunity to rehearse and to get an impression of life in Beethoven's native city of Bonn, whose dedicated concert-goers will accompany the artists through all the competition rounds, contributing to a great concert atmosphere. For those who are not able to experience the competition in person, all performances will be available per internet live streaming. Furthermore, the audience will also have a voice: During the semifinals two Audience Choice Awards will be granted – one from the audience in Bonn, and one from those listening per live stream. The audience will also present its own Best Performance Award during the final round of the competition.